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(Multi-Fandom, Multi-Ship, Canon and Non-Canon Character Friendly! Note: Can be NSFW and some roleplays can contain Gore. Roleplay Safe! ;P)

{Fio Roleplay Starter}
In a dimly lit part of town, whispers of a group have been heard. A family who is muscling in on the Japanese mafia from a place unknown. People who talk bad about ‘em seem to evaporate into the night. In a seedy bar, a young lady is waited hand and foot by gorgeous men and women. Smoking a long elegant jade cigarette holder. She blows rings in the face of a business man. For some reason he trembles. She laughs, and with a flick of her wrist sends him away. “I’ll see my next client, send them in.”

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    There was no answer. A man came and pried his mouth open. Shoving a straw down his throat, beer being poured down it....
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    "…Where…" What the… He couldn’t move. That… Appeared to be due to chains of some kind. Perhaps… No. They were sturdy....
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    Ohh god, this really was some sort of crime syndicate, she finally realized. However, if she was given the choice of...