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if you can think of a ship, i will answer either of these sets of questions for them:

  • big spoon/little spoon:
  • favorite non-sexual activity:
  • who uses all the hot water:
  • most trivial thing they fight over:
  • who does most of the cleaning:
  • what has a…
shsl-rebel-idol asked: ¬‿¬ ¬‿¬ ¬‿¬ ¬‿¬ ¬‿¬ ¬‿¬ "In my defense dear, you asked for this~"

Sora throws her panties at Forte. “Now quick someone get me clothes! I’m butt naked here!”

echo-hax asked: Fumio don't. (¬‿¬) (¬‿¬) (¬‿¬)

Sora threw her dress, her bloomers and her bra at him. “I-I hate you!” She muttered, her face red

smourice-toastygraham asked: ((Mind if I interact with your muse?))

Everyone’s welcome!

shsl-rebel-idol asked: (You really have no shame do you Forte?) "Nope!" ¬‿¬ ¬‿¬ ¬‿¬

Sora violently throws her petticoat, other shoe and a hand ful of bows at her. “Ha! I’m still dressed!”

Anonymous asked: (¬‿¬)

Sora tossed one shoe to the side confidently

Anonymous asked: (¬‿¬)

"Uuuhm. Okey." Sora took off her stockings shyly



Every (¬‿¬) I get my muse will remove a piece of clothing.


Tradition meets Technology at the 2014 Eco Edo Nihonbashi Art Aquarium

For more photos and videos from the exhibition, explore the COREDO室町 (Coredo Muromachi) and アートアクアリウム2014 (Art Aquarium 2014) location pages and browse the #アートアクアリウム (art aquarium) hashtag.

The Eco Edo Nihonbashi Art Aquarium 2014 opened last Friday at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo, Japan. This exhibition features 17 fish tank installations designed by “art aquarist” Hidetomo Kimura, whose work brings more than 5,000 goldfish on display in 70 aquariums.

These extraordinary aquatic installations are decked with LED lights, projection mapping, music and even scents. While the technology involved is quite advanced, the aquarium designs are inspired by Japan’s Edo Period (1603–1868) and incorporate traditional motifs such as classic glass fish bowls, folding screens and lanterns.

Hidetomo’s works will be on view at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall until September 23, 2014.

Pre-Execution Starter Sentences:

  • "You have to get out of town!"
  • "You can't let them do this to you!"
  • "What did you do?!"
  • "If they kill you, they kill me too."
  • "You can still run away...I'll go with you."
  • "We aren't the best of friends, but I don't want this to happen to you."
  • "I didn't even get to know you that well..."
  • "They can't kill you!"
  • "You haven't even had a trial!"
  • "That jury was unfair, you have to plea a second case!"
  • "This can't be real..."
  • "You can cheat death, I know you can!"
  • "If we run now, we can be far away by morning."
  • "This isn't fair..."
  • "They can't kill you for speaking out!"


[screams] follow lizdrawsthings she drew me as Ishimaru :D
broadwayboundbae asked: Change it up? [hey, your oc is raaaad]



"Woah. I wanna eat them! But if their my magic….ohhhh!" She groaned, drooling all over a taffy key.

"Don’t drool on me!"

Sora blinked shocked. “It talked. You hear that too?”


11. Partners in crime fighting

(Touya is still technically magical girl m!a so i’ll use that.  Also ahhhh thank you yours is too!)

Alrighty! I’m still not entirely sure how these magical girl powers work but hey might as well put them to use! Do you have any idea how they work?

I-I heard it…

"I’m a gate key! Open my gate like in fairytail!"

"Oh..uhm.. Open gate of the taffy people?"

A taffy person appeared, sora just started screaming, wether of excitement or fear, you couldn’t tell.

shsl-action-crew asked: 10 from Dante

10. Gentle, now: My muse is in hospital and wants some sneaky fun with yours

[i don’t know how to start this- forgive me-! ; 7 ;]

Try to guess where my character is ticklish — by tickling them there.